Final Assignment #5

For this assignment I chose to shoot the Alluring Aroma option. First thing I realized when doing this assignment was that I don’t have any cool perfume bottles so I borrowed my moms perfume and dads cologne for this assignment. I encountered a lot of difficulties in this assignment because it made me realize I love shooting people and events, not objects. I struggled with this and spent a few days thinking and brainstorming what I could do with perfume. Overall this took me about 2 hours once I got started because I tried all sorts of different ideas but only included a few because most did not turn out how I imagined.

I wanted to capture Christmas in at least one of my shots that could be used for advertising cologne or perfume for a Christmas gift. I know the assignment said create an image that could be used in a magazine so I shot from different angles because I was thinking the writing could go on the sides of the images.

This was my least favorite assignment because I just wanted to go outside and shoot something active ha! My parents thought my indoor studio was interesting though and giggled on how many things I tried. I couldn’t decided between the Christmas tree shot or the smoke shot for the cologne as my final project. I noticed the smoky one has a bad glare and the white and black can be hard to read but the Christmas tree just seemed busier than I wanted but those ended up being my favorite shots. I struggled with the glares coming off the black cologne bottle and used a sheet to diffuse some of the light.

At one point I did have a lamp shining on the bottle but forgot to take a behind the scenes shot of that. I watched a Facebook video called photography hacks and this photographer used her laptop as a background so I tried it for fun and thought it was fun. I mostly used natural window light coming in from outside. I messed with color and black and white as well just to see what they would look like. So, here are my results and I think I will stick to people ha!

For the black and white material you see the bottle on I used a black silk shirt and white silk shirt.

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