Assignment #4

I decided to do option #1 a grand day out. I captured Dalton and Michelle Barnes big wedding day at the Idaho Falls Temple on October 27,2018. It was my first time meeting the bride and most of the grooms side. These are just the images I decided to turn in for the assignment but will be posting more because it was so fun to shoot this wedding. The images didn’t upload in the order I had hoped for but the story I wanted to get across is that the bride and groom walked out of the temple as Mr. & Mrs. for the first time surrounded by friends and family. They spent their big day with those they loved and then the images of them are to show the love they have for each other especially in that moment on that day. And, I included temple shots because that is really important to this couple. Location was a HUGE deal and so I wanted to capture that for them. The struggles I faced weren’t;t horrible but once we started shooting just the bride and groom the wind really decided to pick up and her veil and hair were going everywhere and it was a little chilly. It was surprisngly  warm for the end of October but the bride was getting cold towards the end. Another harder task is getting everyone there to cooperate and listen to me so to deal with a big group like this you can’t be afraid to speak up and boss people around to get the image you need. And you need to make sure you can see everyone and is smiling and not blinking. It was such a fun event to capture though and I am glad I was there! I had fun as always.

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