Assignment #2

For this assignment I chose to do an outdoor shoot with a model, hair stylist, and make-up artist. I wanted the model to wear black, white, or maroon. I’ve shot at this location before and have found I love black against these other colors so I was happy to see she chose black. We started make up and hair and about 5:30 and while the make up was being done I took some pictures of the hair stylist just for fun so I included some those images. In the closer photo of her I used the white side of my reflector to give more light to her face. For my final image that I submitted I was using the Golden reflector to add color and light to her face. In the other photos I included some are using the reflector most are not. We all had such a good time creating this image and getting outside and being together! I lightened up the images in Lightroom then finished up in Photoshop. When the model was done with hair and make-up we started shooting about 6:30 so it was golden hour and it was beautiful.


Model: Lyndsey Fidanza

Make up: Crystal Murri w/ beauty_crystal_clea

Hair: Payton VanKampen

Photographer: Me!


The challenges were being outside in the wind while trying to get her makeup applied. We lost one of the eye lashes for a good 10 minutes because the wind took it away but by the time we started shooting the wind had died down which was good. The eyelash ended up being on her back shirt so it blended in. These girls were so fun to work with that another challenge was staying on track we would sit and talk and I would remember, oh crap! We only have about 20 minutes left to shoot or whatever. We had music playing and got to hang out, dance, laugh, and be goody and have so much fun while shooting. Assignment #2

model 10ModelDiet Cokemodel 6Hair Stylist w White Reflectormodel 5model 4sage BrushGiggleModel 2Model 16model 3model 13IMG_8110IMG_1626IMG_1389Model 7model 11Model 8Model 12IMG_1207model 14IMG_9034IMG_0989IMG_6198IMG_1983Model 12IMG_0342IMG_9909Half Face/Sagemodel 9IMG_8926IMG_5758

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